Report Presentation: “Digital Reset. Redirecting Technologies for the Deep Sustainability Transformation”

How can digital technologies support the quest for a deep sustainability transformation? Together with the European Expert Panel “Digitalization for Sustainability- Science in Dialogue” (D4S) Tilman Santarius presents the findings of a two-year inter- and transdisciplinary research endeavor of 15 renowned experts from academia and practice at ECDF Berlin.

Published on 26th Octobeer 2022 by Fachgebiet “Digitalisierung und sozial-ökologische Transformation”

TEDxTUBerlin: Smart green world? Making digitalization work for sustainability

In his talk, Tilman Santarius shows how the digital revolution transforms consumption patterns, mobility habits and industry structures – and analyses to what extent this generates new opportunities, but also creates new challenges. Tilman provides guiding principles for a sustainable digitalization and develops hands-on proposals that show how politicians, individuals, businesses and civil society actors can help achieve it.

Published on 6th December 2021 by TEDxTalks